1. ASC-100-FE-B/V

V.35 / Ethernet to E1 Converters

Aisai designs and manufactures a series of interface converter that perform the conversion from V.35 or Ethernet signals to the 2Mbps structured (framed) or non-structured (unframed)  E1 G.703/G.704 data signal.

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2. RC952-FEE1

  • Modular Fast Ethernet to E1 Converter (Manageable)

The RC952-FEE1/FXE1 series devices are protocol converters that connect Fast Ethernet networks across a PDH/SDH based transportation network.

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3. RC954-FE4E1/8E1 (-BL)

  • Fast Ethernet over 4E1/8E1 Inverse Multiplexer (Central Office Module)

RC954-FE4E1/8E1(-BL) is Inverse Multiplexer that delivers fast Ethernet service over existing TDM transportation network. It utilizes the state-of-the-art inverse multiplexing technology to realize the transmission of Fast Ethernet service over 4/8 bonded E1 circuits(8/16M).

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4. RC959-4FE16E1

  • Fast Ethernet over 16E1 Inverse Multiplexer

RC959-4FE16E1 is an inverse multiplexer that transmits Fast Ethernet service over bonded E1 circuits. The device is typically deployed in pair, and can deliver 2~32Mbps Ethernet service according to customers' requirements

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5. RC953E-GESTM1 Inverse Multiplexing Ethernet Gateway

Inverse Multiplexing Ethernet Gateway

RC953E-GESTM1 is an Inverse Multiplexing Ethernet Gateway that delivers Ethernet services over existing TDM transportation network.

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6. RC952-FEDS3/E3

10/100M Ethernet over DS3/E3 Interface Converter

RC952-FEDS3/E3 is Raisecom new generation Interface converter that delivers Fast Ethernet service over existing TDM transportation network. It enables carriers and service providers to extend Ethernet network by delivering high performance Fast Ethernet over DS3/E3 interface converter for cost-effective Ethernet over existing TDM extension.

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7. V-REBplus

V-REB plus is a 100/10M, self-adaptive, high performance, self-learning, remote Ethernet bridge. With low cost, it is fit for bridge connection or LAN stretcher or subsection. The device can learn automatically MAC address in the connected LAN and only transmit the target address to the frame of another LAN.

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8. RC953-FE4E1/FE8E1

10/100M Ethernet to 4E1/8E1 Inverse Multiplexer

RC953-FE4E1/FE8E1 series inverse multiplexer provides bonded 4E1/8E1 links (8M/16M bandwidth) for transportation of 10/100M Ethernet services. RC953-FE4E1/FE8E1 can work in pairs or work with RC953-8FE16E1 aggregation gateway to encapsulate/extract Ethernet data frames into/from HDLC frames, providing a transparent channel between enterprise and carrier POP or between enterprise offices.

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