1. ISCOM2008

  • Managed L2 Ethernet Switch with 8*10/100Base-T ports

ISCOM2008 is Raisecom new generation managed Ethernet Switch in terms of cost efficiency, outstanding performance, and high dependability. It implements wire-speed store and forward as well as powerful means of network management features.

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  • Enhanced L2 Metro Ethernet Switch

ISCOM2126EA-MA acts as an enhanced aggregation Ethernet Switch, which can be network managed both locally and remotely. It is designed for Raisecom’s Carrier Ethernet

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3. SG-9240

It is a high performance web-smart switch that provides users with switched 24 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet ports, and specially, there are 2 pairs of RJ-45 and mini-GBIC ports with auto-detection function, fiber gets higher priority if both exist, this is very suitable for enterprise company or even SOHO user to build up high speed network or backbone. When user adopts proper fiber transceivers, single-mode or multi-mode, he can link remote user or share remote resources.

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4. SG-9800R

It is a high performance web-smart switch that provides up to 8 10/100/1000Mbps copper Ethernet ports and 2 mini-GBIC ports, this provides a great flexibility for nowadays variety of network application at low cost.

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