1. RC512-FE

  • 10/100M Remote Manageable Media Converter

As Raisecom's long-time best-selling media converter, RC512-FE has been a best choice for carrier Ethernet access application that takes the inherent advantage of fiber as a transmission media.

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2. RC602-GE

  • 1000M Remote Managed Media Converter

RC602-GE is a media converter that implements electrical to optical signal conversion of fixed 1000Mbit/s Ethernet service. All Ethernet packets will be transparently forwarded by RC602-GE.

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3. MCS-100

  • 10/100 Media Converter Standalone

It switch designed for connecting existing 10Mbps or 100Mbps network. Ideal solution is for extending the distance between two 100Mbps network segment. The LED on the front panel of switch allows network manager to inspect the status of both ports, which makes the network diagnostics a breeze.

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