1. RC952-FEE1

  • Modular Fast Ethernet to E1 Converter (Manageable)

The RC952-FEE1/FXE1 series devices are protocol converters that connect Fast Ethernet networks across a PDH/SDH based transportation network. These devices employ HDLC over E1 technology to carrier Fast Ethernet over transparent E1 or fractional E1 circuits. By deploying in pairs, RC952 provide a transparent Fast Ethernet link with 2Mbps real throughput, which is the full capacity of a single E1 circuit. Both RC952 device at central office site and customer premise site can be managed through Raisecom NNM management system.

  • Connects Fast Ethernet networks over E1 or fractional E1 circuits
  • Optional multimode, single mode or single strand fiber optic cables
  • Available with 850, 1310, and 1550nm optical wavelengths
  • UTP port duplex mode auto-negotiation and auto-MDI/MDIX
  • User configurable E1 to Ethernet interface Fault-Pass-Through
  • Complete link alarm indicator
  • Intelligent auto-reset functions
  • Transparent transmission of IEEE 802.3d and IEEE 802.1q VLAN tagged packets
  • Remote and local management via RC001-1M, RC002-4, and RC002-16 chassis
  • Remote management through RC953E-3FE16E1 or RC953-GESTM1
  • Optical Port: 100Mbps,FDX, SC connector, ALS function avaiable
  • E1 Port: 2048Kbps+/-50ppm, HDB3,
                BNC for 75ohm or RJ45 for 120ohm
                Complied with ITU-T G.703, G.704 and ITU-T G.823
  • FE Port: RJ45, 10/100Mbps, Auto-negotiation/forced mode selectable,
                Support MDI/MDIX & Flow control function, Frame length: 1916 byte
  • Power consumption: <3W
  • Module 91*25*172 mm (W*H*D)
  • Working temperature: 0~55 degree centigrade
  • Working humidity: ≤90% (25℃)
  • Chassis deployment: RC001,RC002 series


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