1. FOM-4/8/16E1

  •  Fiber Optic Multiplexer 4/8/16-E1
The FOM-M (MK-II) is the 2nd generation of the manageable fiber optic multiplexer, which is designed to transmit 4 / 8 / 16 E1 channels for data/voice over single core or dual core of fiber cable with standard distance up to 50Km. Distance reach up to 100Km is also available. It is the best suit for cost sensitive networking solution, such as mobile base station to MSC connection, PBX extension, etc.
Integrated with transmission and multiplex function, FOM-M (MK-II) receives and deliver synchronous E1 data from G.703 networks over fiber optics. Optional 1+1 APS optical protection is available. For the higher flexibility, dual 75 and 120 ohm E1 interface connectors are equipped for the 4E1 and 8E1 model; and user definable for the E1 impedance interface on such models.
The FOM-M (MK-II) enhances the management capability with SNMP and GUI web management by the optional built-in management module. Console port also support via  the RS485/RS232 console port.  Manageable central shelf for maximum 12 Mux cards is available for order.
LED indicators are equipped on the front panel for all interfaces statues. The
FOM-M (MK-II) support sophisticate diagnostic tools for local / remote tributary or global loopback controlled simply by hardware switches or via the management software. Major and minor alarm dry relay contacts are also provided.


  •  4 / 8 / 16 G.703 E1 ports
  •  Central manageable shelf for 12 multiplexer cards 
  •  Front panel dip switches control and LED indicators
  •  Local and remote tributary and global loopback facility
  •  Single core fiber transceiver with built-in WDM is available
  •  Optional 1+1 fiber protection
  •  Dual E1 interface for 4E1 and 8E1 model
  •  Major and minor dry alarm relay contact
  •  Redundancy power supply with any combination of AC and DC power
  •  19/23 inches rack mountable
  •  Command console and SNMP Management


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