1. DMux - 30 (MK-II)

When the PCM technology was developed as the semiconductor industry since early 1960's, today the channel bank digitized voice is the most effective solution for toll quality voice transport around the world.

By adoption of large scale ASIC chip set and the absorption of different PCM design experience by other manufacturers, AiSai designs the high compact and the most cost effective channel bank voice / data multiplexer - DMUX 30 (MK-II). The state of art integrated circuit design provides reliability and availability, and the modular design provides the highest flexibility and scalability. There have total 6 slots for the user interface module and trunk (mux) module.

The DMUX-30(MK-II) provides E1 mux card as well as fiber mux card that is used for fiber network direct access. The FO-4 fiber mux card also provides 4 addional E1 ports for further system expansion. Each interface module provides 6 circuits and DMUX-30 (MK-II) supports up to 30 voice or data channels that can be any kinds analogue voice or data transport. Service provider can depend on the demand to install the user interface modules that provide mixed voice and data services, which save the initial cost and also shorten the ROI period.

The system design is fully comply with the PCM multiplexing and international standards. such as G.703 / G.704. G.711 and G.823. The TDM bit-interleaved technology guaranties the low delay and the best voice quality. System supports different timing source, including master / slave clock and looped recovery clock mode. System up and running is just a minute of work.

The DMUX-30 (MK-II) provides the excellent voice quality and is the best timely solution for all telecom carriers and private enterprises. In combine with the E1 wireless or fiber optical network, the DMUX-30 (MK-II) can achieves the fastest voice / data deployment as the voice extender, point to point hotline or 64K leased data services, especially for the rural area and the remote office.


  • Modular highly compact design
  • Mixed voice and data services all in one
  • Limited investment initially
  • V.35 (Nx64K) and G.703 (64K) co-directional data
  • RS232 low speed asynchronous data
  • FXS/FXO support polarity reverse
  • User definable for 2 or 4 wires E & M
  • Provides E1 and direct fiber access trunk card
  • E1 trunk card supports 1 + 1 trunking protection
  • FO-4 trunk card provides 4 additional E1 lines
  • 1U, 19" rack mountable

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Trunk Module
E1-2 Mux Module 1+1 APS E1 trunk card for 30 channels over E1 network
F0-1 Mux Module Fiber trunk card for 30 channels over fiber optic network
F0-4 Mux Module Fiber trunk card for 30 channels plus 4 x E1 ports over fiber optic network
Fiber Interface
Line Rate 155 Mbps
Line Coding 8B1H1C
Transceiver 1310 nm, Single-mode
Output Power ≥ -6 dBm
Sensitivity ≤ -36.5 dBm
Connector SC
E1 Interface
Standard G.703 / G.704, GB/T
Date Rate 2.048 Mbps +/- 50 ppm
Connector BNC Coaxial / 75 ohm
RJ48 / 120 ohm
Signaling Channel Associated
Line Coding HDB3
Protection 1+1 APS
FXS Interface and FXO Interface
Standard EIA RS - 464, Loop Start
Impedance nominal 600 ohm
E & M Interface
Standard EIA RS - 464, Type 1/5, 2/4 wires
Impedance nominal 600 ohm
Synchronous Data Interface
Standard FV.35
Data Rate N x 64 Kbps (N=1~6)
G.703 Co-directional Interface
Standard G.703
Data Rate 64 Kbps +/- 100 ppm
Asynchronous Data Interface
Standard V.24 / RS232C
Data Rate 150 - 19.2 Kbps
10/100 BT Ethernet Interface
Standard IEEE802.3
Connector RJ45
Speed Rate 10/100Mbps auto-sense
Operation Mode Full / half duplex
Power Supply
Operation Voltage -48DC
Power Fluctuation -36 ~  - 72DC
Power Consumption < 5W
Working Temperature 0-50C
Relative Humidity 20 - 90 %
Storage Temperature -40 ~ + 70C
Relative Humidity 10 - 95%
L x W x H (mm) 432 x 272 x 44

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