1. TR-5a Series

The TR-5a series is one of Tranzeo’s newer generation of 5.8GHz product lines. Radios and systems described below are powered by a 13 dBm radio. These are integrated fully functioning radios, which means they can be configured as an Access Point, a Point -to-Point Bridge, or a Client Adapter (CPE).


Overall Features:

Dual Ethernet Ports

This allows you to daisy-chain radios at your installation

sites (depending on power requirements). Perfect for back

to back point to point scenarios. Also great for installing

peripheral Power over Ethernet devices like weather

monitoring or security cameras.

More Robust Routing Features

Tunneling Protocol Support

Includes support for tunneling protocols such as VPN, PPTP,

RSA, etc.

Low Power Requirements

Excellent for solar and other alternative power source installations. TR-5a Series requires only 7 Watts.

Access Point Features:

Wireless Distribution System (WDS)

WDS allows Access Points to be wirelessly connected to each other while also servicing clients.

Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA)

WPA improves on the security features of WEP. It includes improved

data encryption (AES) and user authentication.


Outside LEDs allow you to easily see if WEP or WPA is activated on

your Access Point.

Client Adapter (CPE) Features:

Alignment LEDs


Controllable High Gain Output

All radios have +13dBm of output. Power can be scaled back for closer installations to avoid noise issues

and to meet local regulatory requirements.


Now you can align your client and point to point installations without

having to log into the radio. Get visual signal strength at a glance by

using this great feature.


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