1. AirLink 4/8 - PTMP Wirless Access Radio

AirLink PTMP Wireless Access System provides unlicensed 5.8 GHz ISM bands wireless access solutions. The AirLink provides the highest quality and scalable line of license exempt radios for establishing point to multipoint, wireless E1 connectivity. AirLink adopts the most reliable TDM/TDMA network accessing technology that delivers the fastest possible implementation and connectivity of multi E1 access for line of sight distance with 99.999% and better availability.

The AirLink CTU ( Central Termination Unit ) can offer 4 up to 8 E1 capacities. With networking design by frequency assignment, sector control and polarized antennas, AirLink can support up to maximum 8 RTUs ( Remote Termination Unit ) for remote access. The AirLink delivers a time to market, proven and cost effective alternative to wire and fiber for telco connectivity at distance exceeding 20 km for service provides, mobile operators, corporations and government agencies.


AirLink is ideally suited for creating fixed wireless connectivity solutions addressing a number of communication needs, including :

  • GSM, CDMA, TD-SCDMA cellular base station network access to BCS
  • Connections for last mile access or extending fiber networks
  • New Points of Presence (POP) for service providers
  • WAN and/or PABX connectivity from building to building, campus to campus, and for remote locations
  • High speed LAN access for internet service
  • Temporary links wireless access
  • Alternate / diverse routing of key telecom links, hot standby or redudancy


  • Time to market, easy and the most cost effective deployment
  • No special operating license required
  • Point to multipoint wireless access up to maximum 8 remote locations
  • Communications from less than 1 km to greater than 20 km
  • Built in loopback, far end monitoring and order wire, provides helpful for installation and maintenance
  • 99.999% Carrier Class performance and reliability
  • Separate IF and RF unit supports instant deployment, can be upgraded at any time
  • Superior system gain provides the longest distance and hightest link
  • Meets or exceeds traditional Telco standards and wire line requirements
  • Not affected by rain, snow or fog
Technical Specifications
Model Variety AirLink - 4
CTU Capacity 4 x E1
Max. RTU 4
RTU Capacity 1 or 2 x E1
Model Variety AirLink - 8
CTU Capacity 8 x E1
Max. RTU 8
RTU Capacity 1 or 2 x E1
System Specification
TR Spacing 65 MHz
RF Bandwidth 10 MHz (AirLink-4)
  20 MHz (AIRlINK-8)
Wireless Access TDM (Downstream)
  TDMA (Upstream)
Modulation DQPSK
Max Sector 12 (Maximum)
RF Transmitter
Output Power +23dBm (typical)
Frequency Range 5730 to 5845 MHz
Connector N - Type
RF Receiver
Receiver Sensitivity -85dBm (AirLink-4)
(at 1e-6 BER) -82dBm (AirLink-8)
Max Receive Level 0 dBm (no damage)
AGC Range 60 dB
Connector N - Type
Digital Line Interface
Standard ITU-T G.703
Data Rate 2.048 Mbits +/- 50 ppm
Line Code HDB3
Connector BNC, Coaxial (75 ohm)
  RJ48 (120 ohm)
Jitter / wander ITU-T G.823
Front Panel LED, Keypad, LCD
Console Port RS-232 (9600 bps) DB-9
Power / Environment
Power Supply DC-48V or AC220V
Consumption 28W
Temperature -30C ~ + 65C
Humidity 95%
IDU Dimension
Size (WxHxD) 482 x 44 x 272 mm
Weight 3 Kg
ODU Dimension
Size (WxHxD) 220 x 140 x 310 mm
Weight 6 Kg
Frequency Assignment
AirLink - 4 Point to Multipoint Wireless Access System
Frequency Band A Band B Band C Band D Band E Band F Band
Tx (GHz) 5.730 5.740 5.750 5.760 5.770 5.780
Rx (GHz) 5.795 5.805 5.815 5.825 5.835 5.845
AirLink - 8 Point to Multipoint Wireless Access System
Frequency Band A Band B Band C Band
Tx (GHz) 5.735 5.755 5.775
Rx (GHz) 5.800 5.820 5.840


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