1. VG-1422R

To meet the next generation Internet telephony service demands, PheeNet VG-1422R delivers next-generation platform for voice services and applications, VG-1422R is reliable, efficient and TOC-saving; widely interoperable; and scalable and manageable solution for your VoIP network. VG-1422R is an entirely new kind of voice delivering superlative functionality and stellar audio quality.

PheeNet VoIP Gateway Router series are designed for comfort, ease-of-use with a sophisticated, and satisfaction from customers, VG-1422R not only inherits traditions of quality voice communications and real-time fax data over IP networks, but VG-1422R also eliminates the human resource VoIP network deployment. With optimized SIP architecture, PheeNet VG-1422R is the ideal choices for P2P voice chat, ITSP cost-saving solution, but also provide network-converting feature to translate the packet network into traditional PBX system.

With built-in PPPoE/DHCP/DDNS clients, up to 4 concurrent connections on modular in VG-1422R, voice communications can be established from anywhere around the world. PHEENET VG-1422R comes with intuitive user-friendly, yet powerful management interface (web), that can dramatically reduce IT personnel resource, and complete VoIP deployment in a short time, plus remote management capability, VoIP administrators can monitor machine/network status, or proceed maintenance/trouble-shooting service via Internet browser.


1. Both support H.323 and SIP protocols: H.323 Gatekeeper Registration, SIP Registration, and Digest Authentication
2. Flash Time Programmable: Gateway support Flash detection and generation to switch VoIP Call
3. Caller ID Delivery and Detection: support DTMF & FSK Caller ID generation
4. Smart VoIP Call Dialing Book
5. Polarity Reversal Detection: Type I and II
6. Pass NAT: allow Gateway to operate behind any NAT/Firewall device. There is no need to change any configuration of NAT/Firewall like setting virtual server
7. Smart QoS Guarantee: This bandwidth management feature provides good voice quality when user place VoIP call and access internet at the same time. The Gateway will start reserve bandwidth for voice traffic automatically when VoIP call proceeds
8. Voice Channels Status Display: this function display each port status like as on hook, off hook, calling number, caller’s number, talk duration, codec
9. H.323 MAC authentication: Providing H.323 MAC authentication to register H.323 Gatekeeper which need MAC Address for authentication
10. Domain name call & DDNS supports
11. User friendly management


  Industrial Standard


IEEE802.3 10BaseT Ethernet
IEEE802.3u 100BaseTX Fast Ethernet
H323 v2/v3/v4 and SIP (RFC2543/3261), SDP (RFC2327), Symmetric RTP, STUN (RFC3489), ENUM (RFC2916)


LAN:4×10/100Base-TX Ethernet port
Voice: 4×RJ-11 (2-pin modular jacks), 2 for FXS, 2 for FXO
WAN:1×10/100Base-TX Ethernet port

  H.323/SIP Specification

  Voice Codec   Support


  Fax Support

T.30 real-time Fax complaint
T.38 Fax relay
Automatically FAX detection

  Simultaneous   Connection

Up to 4 channels voice/fax

  Voice Processing

Silence Suppression: VAD, CNG
Echo Cancellation: G.165/G.168
FXO Caller ID Detection: DTMF and FSK

  Input Level   Adjustment

-9 dB to +9dB

  Output Adjustment

-9 dB to +9dB


LAN: NAT, Virtual Server, DHCP Server
WAN: PPPoE Client, DHCP Client, Fix IP Address, DDNS Client


Web-based configuration
FTP Firmware Upgrade
Backup and Restore Configuration file

  Smart QoS

Guarantee the voice bandwidth



Operating Temperature: 0 to 45° C
Storage Temperature: -10 to 60° C
Humidity: up to 90% non-condensing

  Power Supply

AC 100V-240V, DC12V/1.5A, 50~60Hz

  Line Impedance

600Ω/900Ω Complex line impedance

  Insertion Loss

2 dB

  Return Loss


  Ring Voltage


  Ringing Tone

16.67Hz, 20Hz(default), 25Hz or 50Hz

  LED Indicators

Power, LAN Link/ACT, Voice Ringing/ACT


260 (L) X 130(W) x 35(H) mm






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