1. VG-04ENM

Everybody knows the International Direct Distance Dialing (IDDD) cost lots of money. However, we have no other choice before. But now, making phone calls through Internet is the master stream for international business.

PheeNet VG-04ENM provides clear and natural voice quality through advanced audio technology. Because of the VAD (Voice Activity Detection), it saves bandwidth by delivering voice. Users could always have regular phone call quality with CNG (Comfort Noise G1eneration). Users from each country must be satisfied with the programmable line interfaces with country specific telephone setting.

With H.323 standard, PheeNet VG-04ENM brings your voice over the Internet easily, and effectively. It could work both in PTP and PTMP transmission and through central Gatekeeper, providing users with flexible application architecture.

PheeNet VG-04ENM has two slots for optional 4 Port FXS module, or 4 Port FXO modules to satisfy customers’ optional demands. Because of 19” Rack-Mount design, it is very good for enterprise to put into Rack for application.


  • Work with VG-0800M to fulfill management function




Type V,4w(Wink, Delay, Immediate)

  N0. of channels



4 ×RJ-45 (8-pin modular jacks)

  Line Impedance


  Insertion Loss

2 dB

  Frequency Response

300Hz~3499Hz ±2dB

  Return Loss


  Input Level Adjustment

-6 dB to +6dB

  Output Adjustment

0 dB to 13 dB

  Longitudinal Balance




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