1. SG-9800R

It is a high performance web-smart switch that provides up to 8 10/100/1000Mbps copper Ethernet ports and 2 mini-GBIC ports, this provides a great flexibility for nowadays variety of network application at low cost. It also provides users with common and simple control/setting function rather than sophisticated SNMP management function on every Ethernet ports through out-of-band Ethernet, this makes it very suitable for small or medium size company to build up simple network at beginning phase with lower cost. Moreover, a long-ear accessory also makes it possible to play as a backbone in the rack mount environment.

An user friendly, mouse operation, web management function is supported through browser, this provides you enjoy major control function same as SNMP switch but at smart cost. An out-of-band Ethernet port is supported for initial setup and out-of-band control, this out-of-band Ethernet provide an independent control channel separated from malfunction network and provide management from both local and remote side as well.

Specifications & Features

    1.IEEE 802.3 10BaseT Ethernet
    2.IEEE 802.3u 100BaseTX Fast Ethernet
    3.IEEE 802.3ab 1000Base Gigabit Ethernet
    4.IEEE 802.3x flow control
    5.IEEE 802.1q Tag-based VLAN, Priority Control
    1.Operation temperature: 5 to 45 centigrade
    2.Operating humidity: 10-90, non-condensing
    3.Storage temperature: -20 to 70 centigrade
    1.1 power LED: Green (normal),
    2.1 Diagnostic LED: Steady Green (normal), Blanking (abnormal)
    3.Port LEDs: 1~ 8 ports, left corner of each RJ-45 port, Green (Link ok), Blinking (Activity)
    4.Speed LEDs: 1 ~ 8 ports, right corner of each RJ-45 port, Green (1000M), Vanish (10/100M)
    1.Input: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz,
    2.Power Consumption: 20 Watts max.
  • DIMENSIONS 252mm (W) X 125mm (D) X 44mm (H)
  • WEIGHT : 1.3 kg


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