1. Sunlite E1 BER-Tester

he SunLite E1's versatility is enhanced with such features as the choice of 75 OHM unbalanced or 120 OHM balanced connectors and power supplied by either rechargeable NimH or two AA alkaline batteries. The combination of convenience and power makes the set useful in the outside plant, central office, customer service center, product development lab, and corporate communications center.

The SunLite E1's powerful capabilities, compact package, and low price makes it a clear choice for equipping an entire staff of technicians.

Weighing a mere 0.3 kg, the SunLite E1 is the world's smallest full-featured handheld 2.048 Mbps transmission test set. The SunLite E1 simplifies 2.048 Mbps E1 testing while providing more diagnostic power than is available in many larger portable test sets. The SunLite E1 can be utilized at an exchange, multiplexer, regenerating repeater, or 2.048 Mbps terminal.

The SunLite E1 offers such capabilities as :

  • 2.048 Mbps transmit, receive, and external clock
  • E1 bit error rate testing
  • Level and frequency measurements
  • +6 to -43 dB receiver input sensitivity
  • Terminated, protected monitor, high impedance modes
  • Drop and insert capability (M or Nx64)
  • VF monitoring and analysis
  • Programmable Send Frame Words
  • CAS signaling
  • G.821, G.826, and M.2100 analysis
  • Histogram analysis
  • Alarm Generation/Error Injection
  • Propagation Delay measurement.
  • Store up to 10 test results and 10 user profiles


2.048 Mbit/s E1 interfaces Tx, Rx, Ext Clock
Standard BNC (f), 75Ω unbalanced connectors
Optional BR2 (f) 120Ω balanced connectors; Bantam (f) 120Ω balanced connectors
Serial Port RS-232/V.24, RJ11, 6-pins connector
Charger 1 mm, DC jack
Status/Alarm Indicators
13 super-bright LED indicators
Current status and alarm history
red, no signal; green, signal; flash red, history PCM-30 (bi-color), CRC-4 (bi-color), SYNC (bi-color)
TX solid green, transmitter activated; flash green in selfloop mode; off, transmitter deactivated
RUN green, measurement running; off, measurement stop
RAI red, MFAS RAI or FAS RAI; flash red, history
AIS red, AIS; flash, history
CODE red, code error; flash, history
ERROR red, CRC-4, E-bit, FAS E; flash, history
BIT red, logical bit error; flash red, history
Power / low batt slow flash green, power on & battery fully charged; solid green, battery being charged; red, low battery
E1 General
Bit Error test rates 2.048 Mbit/s, N (contiguous) and M (non-contiguous) x 64 kbit/s (N & M=1 to 31)
Drop and insert to internal test circuitry N or Mx64 kbit/s μ/A-law decoded VF channel to built-in speaker
Line Coding HDB3 & AMI
Framing Unframed, PCM-30, PCM-30C, PCM-31, PCM-31C Conforms to ITU-T G.704
Test Pattern Generator
General 1111..., 0000..., 1010..., RICAR 3
PRBS 2n-1, n= 9, 11, 15, 23. Conforms to ITU-T O.151, O.152, O.153, and ANSI V.52, V.57
Programmable 3 patterns, up to 16 bits long each
Test pattern inversion
Clock source
Internal clock
2.048 MHz ± 25 ppm
Received locked to received signal
External locked to Reference clock input signal
Line coding HDB3 & AMI
Pulse shape Conforms to ITU-T G.703. 75Ω/Unbal.: ±2.37 Vbp (±10%)
Programmable Time slot 0 Programmable loop-up/loop-down code, programmable NFAS word
Set idle channel code and ABCD bits (IDLE/NOT IDLE state)
Transmit signal can be turned ON/OFF or internally looped
Error injection
BIT, CODE (single or rate of 1x10-7 to 1x10-2)
BIT+CODE (single or rate of 1x10-7 to 1x10-3)
CRC-4, FRAME, E-bit (single)
0-128 bit zero insertion in 8 bits steps
Frequency range 2.048 Mbit/s ± 6000 bit/s for SLE1
Input Sensitivity
Terminate Hi-Z 6 to -43 dB with Automatic Line Build Out (ALBO)
Monitor -20 dB resistive loss with -6 dB cable loss
Auto configuration for framing (PCM-30, PCM-30C, PCM-31, PCM-31C, Unframed), and test pattern
Terminate, Monitor: 75Ω unbalanced
Hi-Z >2000Ω
Return loss performance according to ITU-T G.703 . Jitter tolerance according to ITU-T G.823
External Clock Interface
Input Impedance 75Ω Unbalanced
Input Sensitivity -20 dB resistive loss with -6 dB cable loss
Line Coding HDB3 & AMI
E1 signal level +0 to -43 dB resolution: 1 dB
Frequency measurement (Hz & ppm) Selectable frequency resolution (1Hz, 0.1Hz and 0.01Hz) Current, Max, Min
Clock slips count
Code errors Error count and ratio
Frame errors FAS and CRC-4 errors count and error ratios
Count of LOS, Loss of Sync (SYLS), LOF, AIS, FAS RAI, and MFAS RAI seconds
Bit errors ITU-T G.821 analysis with allocation, programmable
ITU-T G.826 measurements
ITU-T M.2100 measurements (in conformance with M.2101)
E-bit errors Error count and ratio
Setup and test results printing
Test duration programmable
Print interval programmable NOW, 5 min., 15 min., 1 hr., 24 hrs., LAST, EVENT, OFF
Time stamped events printing
Delay timer settable up to 99 hrs., 59 min.
Audible alarm Indicates an error or alarm, programmable ON/OFF
Alarm Generation AIS, FAS RAI, MFAS RAI
Other Measurments
Save 10 test results, available to screen view or print with user defined label
Histograms G.821 basic measurements, up to 60 days of histograms, 1 day resolution and the last 24 hrs. with 1 min. resolution. 2 HISTOGRAMS stored; CURRENT and SAVED
Propagation Delay measurements in UI & μs, 1 μs resolution
Range From 100 μs to 10 seconds
View Received Data
Voice Frequency Capability
Talk/listen by using the built-in microphone/speaker
Companding A-law or μ-law (selectable)
Monitor and CAS modes
ABCD bits display for a selected timeslot
CAS signaling monitoring (IDLE/NOT IDLE state)
Set ABCD bits to 1 or 0 of selected timeslot
Set Idle Channel code
Frame Word Settings
Sa bits read, write with all 40 bits independently settable
Selectable loopback/release commands
Set Loop Up/Loop Down Sa4-8 bit code or transmit pattern
SLE1-01 Clock Offset Option
Frequency settable to 2.048 Mbit/s ± 24,400 ppm: 2.048 MHz
Accuracy ± 2 ppm (after external calibration)
Frequency range 2.048 Mbit/s ± 24,400 ppm
Other measurements Automatic stress automatically determines the receiving equipment’s upper and lower frequency capture range
SLE1-02 VF Measurment Option
VF Measurement 50 Hz to 3950 Hz, 1 Hz Resolution; +3 dBm0 to -60 dBm0, 1 dB resolution
Send/Receive tone 50 to 3950 Hz, res. 1 Hz; +3 to -60 dBm0, res. 1 dB
Noise (S/N, psophometric, 3K) level measurement +3 to -60 dBm0
Digital representation of sinusoidal signals in a selected timeslot Digital representation of sinusoidal signals in a selected timeslot
Store and recall 10 instrument configurations
122x32 dots (4x20 characters, 6x8 dots size) graphic display
screen with LCD backlight
Internal Battery NimH
Battery operation time 4 hrs, transmitter off
Unit charging time 7 hrs
Charger 5V @ 2A, 90 to 265 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Printer / Communication port Printer/Communication port
Language selection English, Italian, French, German
Operating temperature 0° C to 50° C
Storage temperature -20° C to +70° C
Humidity 5% to 90% non-condensing
Dimensions 175 mm (l) x 75 mm (w) x 35 mm (d)
Weight 0.4 kg (approx)


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