1. Directional Power Sensor 5010B

Bird's® Most Sophisticated Thruline® Sensor System is the Heart of the Model 5000-EX. Model 5010B replaces Model 5010. (Requires Bird Model 5000-EX, SA-1700P, SA-2500A, or SA-4000) The Model 5010B Dual-Socket THRULINE® Power Sensor is a precision 50-ohm 7/8-inch “Smart” Line Section which accepts Bird® digital-ready Plug-in DPM Elements. The Model 5010B Sensor provides true average and peak power readings for digital as well as traditional analog RF systems.

The Model 5010B Power Sensor is compatible with many existing Bird® accessories for 7/8" line, including signal samplers, and over 20 types of QC connectors. QC Connectors can be changed rapidly and conveniently in the field by removing four screws from the connector.


  • Dual-element THRULINE® design for simultaneous forward and reflected power readings
  • Measures true average power
  • Peak power measurement (Model 5010B works with the Model 43 Elements only. For non-peak readings, use the DPM Element guide)
  • ±5% of reading accuracy rivals thermal wattmeters in actual field use.

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Altitude:3,000 m (10,000 ft.)
Calibration Cycle:1 year
CE:CE compliant. Refer to Declaration of Conformity for specific standards
Dimensions:5.0" x 2.4" x 2.0" (130 x 60 x 50 mm)
Directivity:30 dB Typical (Exact value depends on element selected)
Elements:DPM or 43 series elements. Select two elements form the same series, with RFL power 1/10 of FWD power
Frequency Range:2 - 3600 MHz (Exact value depends on element selected)
Humidity:95% max. (non-condensing)
Impedance:50 Ohms nominal
Insertion Loss:0.05 dB up to 1 GHz Max.
Mechanical Shock:In accordance with MIL-PRF-28800F Class 3
Operating Temp.:-10 to +50 ºC (-14 to +122 ºF)
Power Supply:From host instrument via cable
RF Connector:QC Type (Female "N" normally supplied)
Sensor Type:Thruline two-element line section
Setting Time:2.5 seconds max.
Storage Temperature:-40 to +75 ºC (-40 to +167 ºF)
Vibration:In accordance with MIL-PRF-28800F Class 3
VSWR:1.05:1 up to 1 GHz Max.
Weight:0.9 lb. (0.4 kg) nominal

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