1. RC953E-GESTM1 Inverse Multiplexing Ethernet Gateway

Inverse Multiplexing Ethernet Gateway

RC953E-GESTM1 is an Inverse Multiplexing Ethernet Gateway that delivers Ethernet services over existing TDM transportation network. It can be deployed in central site for aggregating subscribers or in customer premises enabling Inverse Multiplexing for enlarging much more bandwidth. RC953E-GESTM1 provides 1 combo Ethernet port (copper/fiber optional) and 2 STM-1 ports for subscribers and functions as a bridge between IP-based network and leased circuits. Additionally, its advanced features such as automatic E1 link adjustment, Ethernet port trunk (Link Aggregation for redundant Ethernet Access) and redundant power supply provide our carriers a cost-effective, flexible and reliable solution for high-quality Ethernet service delivery by using TDM network resources.

RC953E-GESTM1 device has integrated with an SNMP agent. Thus, it can be out-of-band managed directly and act as an active SNMP device and originate SNMP information polling to RC952 and RC953-FE4E1/FE8E1 at remote sites.

RC953E-GESTM1 flexible configuration has enabled it to become a powerful aggregation gateway, which concentrates and aggregates multiple different bandwidth Ethernet services from different locations. It can aggregates up to 16 single-E1s or 4 4E1s or 2 8E1s, or even different combinations of them to provide the most flexibility and convenience for carriers and subscribers


* Gigabit Ethernet over channelized STM-1 inverse multiplexing gateway

*Standalone boxes for P-to-P and P-to-MP application

*Combo Gigabit Ethernet interface

*2 STM-1 interface with 1+1 protection

*VLAN tag transparent forwarding

*Flexibly provide 2M/8M/16M bandwidth by deploying 1E1/4E1/8E1 circuits for different requirements

*Optional built-in BERT function for E1 circuit diagnostics

cs collection by traffic counter on E1 circuits

*Out-of-band SNMP management and console port configuration

*In-band management for remote devices


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