1. RC952-FEDS3/E3

10/100M Ethernet over DS3/E3 Interface Converter

RC952-FEDS3/E3 is Raisecom new generation Interface converter that delivers Fast Ethernet service over existing TDM transportation network. It enables carriers and service providers to extend Ethernet network by delivering high performance Fast Ethernet over DS3/E3 interface converter for cost-effective Ethernet over existing TDM extension.

RC952-FEDS3/E3 is modular design that enables itself to fit into Raisecom RC002-16 chassis with other kinds of converters. Therefore, by inserting an SNMP agent card into the first slot in the chassis, SNMP management can be implemented through an Ethernet connection between the chassis and management station. Furthermore, through Raisecom private proprietary OAM protocol, remote RC952-FEDS3/E3 that is situated at customer promise can also be managed and monitored.

RC952-FEDS3/E3 provides protocol conversions between Ethernet and DS3/E3. It acts as a bridge which bridges the gap between Ethernet and legacy TDM network. Thus, it has a very broad range of applications, such as connecting IP DSLAM, connecting Routers/Switches between POPs, etc.


*10/100M Ethernet over DS3/E3 Interface converter

*1916bytes Maximum Transmission Unit

*Copper Ethernet interface

*Ideal for enterprise leased line services

* Fault propagation from E1 interface to Ethernet interface

*Support loop back of DS3/E3 link for diagnostics

* SNMP management & remote management


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