1. RC953-FE4E1/FE8E1

10/100M Ethernet to 4E1/8E1 Inverse Multiplexer

RC953-FE4E1/FE8E1 series inverse multiplexer provides bonded 4E1/8E1 links (8M/16M bandwidth) for transportation of 10/100M Ethernet services. RC953-FE4E1/FE8E1 can work in pairs or work with RC953-8FE16E1 aggregation gateway to encapsulate/extract Ethernet data frames into/from HDLC frames, providing a transparent channel between enterprise and carrier POP or between enterprise offices.

RC953-FE4E1/FE8E1 device is not integrated with SNMP agent. Thus, its management can only be implemented when it is working in pairs with RC953-8FE16E1 aggregation gateway. RC953-8FE16E1 will act as an active SNMP device and originate SNMP information polling to RC953-FE4E1/FE8E1.

RC953-FE4E1/FE8E1 provides protocol conversion while binding 4E1/8E1 circuits. It acts as a bridge which bridges the gap between Ethernet and legacy TDM network. Thus, it has a very broad range of applications, such as connecting IP DSLAM, connecting Routers/Switches between POPs, etc.


*10/100M Ethernet over bonded 4E1/8E1 inverse multiplexer

*Standalone boxes for P-to-P application

*Optional copper or fiber Ethernet interface

*Optional balanced 120Ohm or unbalanced 75Ohm E1 interface

*MTU up to 1536Bytes (copper Ethernet port)/2000Bytes (fiber Ethernet port)

*Bonded 4E1 provides 8M bandwidth; 8E1 provides 16M bandwidth

*Built-in BERT function for diagnostics

*Statistics collection by traffic counter on E1 circuits

*Remote SNMP management through RC953-8FE16E1


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