1. RC602-GE

  • 1000M Remote Managed Media Converter

RC602-GE is a media converter that implements electrical to optical signal conversion of fixed 1000Mbit/s Ethernet service. All Ethernet packets will be transparently forwarded by RC602-GE.

Typically, two RC602-GE are deployed in pair to extend Gigabit Ethernet services from carrier’s point of presence (POP) to the customer premise. In most of our customer’s factual application, we set up RC002-16 chassis with SNMP agent module and power protection in carrier’s central office, and simple 1-slot chassis at different customer premises. This geographical point-to-multi-point deployment well fits customer’s requirements of low cost, high capacity and centralized management. At most, 60 pair of RC602-GE can be network managed on the GUI of NView NNM system through one SNMP agent module. The management covers not only module status and alarm, but module configuration, like fault-pass-through enable/disable.


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