1. OPCOM3103-155-BL

  • Multi-service SDH STM-1 Add & Drop Multiplexer and Terminal Multiplexer

Different with other SDH, the OPCOM3103 has fixed 32 E1 balanced interfaces, 8 ports 10/100M Fast Ethernet share 63 VC12 or 3 VC3, the first two electrical Ethernet interfaces of which can use 100M optical Ethernet interface optional, and it also can provide 2 STM1 interfaces or 2 DS3/E3 interfaces or 2 GE interfaces by the extension slot, dual redundant power supply power supports AC 220V, DC -48V and AC-DC hybrid. For Ethernet over SDH service, the introductions of standard Generic Framing Procedure (GFP) mapping, Link Access Procedure SDH (LAPS) virtual concatenation, and Link Capacity Adjustment Scheme (LCAS) for dynamic bandwidth allocation are used by OPCOM3103. These features enable OPCOM3103 is next-generation STM-1 access equipment.

OPCOM3103 can be fit in network very flexible, it supports network topology types of point-to-point, chain topology or ring topology, etc. 1+1 Multiplex Section Protection and 1+1 Lower order Path Protection (LPP) provides high reliability transportation.

User can implement unit network management for the whole OPCOM3103 network topology by building in-band or out-of-band network channel, or to fulfill graphical monitoring, alarm trap, management and maintenance by the network management NView NNM developed by Raisecom.


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