1. Ekinops 360

The Ekinops 360 Dynamic, Multi-Reach Transport system is a next generation optical transport platform that provides DWDM and CWDM on a single platform that addresses Metro, Regional, and Long Haul applications.


At the heart of the Ekinops 360 system is Ekinops’ patented T-Chip® (TRANSPORT ON A CHIP TECHNOLOGY) that enables Fast, Flexible, and Cost effective service delivery. The T-Chip® technology is a programmable device that provides all the capabilities of transport systems on a single chip. Having all capabilities on a single chip provides cost and manufacturing efficiencies providing for fast and cost effective service delivery. The Ekinops 360 platform handles rates from 100Mbps to 40G and can scale to 100G.

The Ekinops 360 platform is NEBS Level 3 compliant, rack-mountable and fully managed. It supports 80 DWDM channels at 10Gbs with 160 and 320 channel options coming soon. In addition, the Ekinops 360 system offers a single fiber option that supports 32 bi-directional channels today with 72 and 144 channel options coming soon. It consists of a 6RU chassis for high density applications and a compact 2RU chassis for low density applications. It is modular and offers unmatched density with support of up to 50G in a 2RU shelf and 190G in a 6RU shelf.
The platform includes optical multiplexers (Mux/DeMux), reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexers (ROADM) and optical amplifiers (OA). Mux and DeMux filter modules are designed in a modular fashion to accommodate channel growth without service interruption.
The Ekinops 360 supports a wide variety of services today and the T-Chip technology enables it to adapt to meet future service requirements quickly and cost effectively.


• Flexible, Scalable architecture enabled by the T-Chip (Transport on a Chip Technology)
• Highly scalable as you grow with low up front costs
• A single system that scales metro, regional and long haul distances up to 2000km
• Ekinops DynaFEC, the industries leading FEC technology bringing reach through software rather than more expensive hardware solutions
• Both DWDM and CWDM on a single platform
• Scalable ROADMs supporting in-service upgrades from 2 degrees to 8 degrees and from a few channel local add/drop upto 80 channels local add/drop
• Scalable amplifier technology allowing amplifier cost be incurred incrementally with service growth
• Aggregation of multiple protocols over a single wavelength (Mix Ethernet, video, Escon, SONET/SDH,…)
• Up to 300km with no in line amplifiers with full channel capacity
• Cost optimized service modules for common applications
• Gateway capability for protocol bridging:
– OC-192 to LAN PHY
• Small footprint - 2RU and 6RU as much as half the size of competitive solutions
• Low power utilization, as much as 40% less than competitive solutions
• Total transparent transport utilizing DCC separate from traffic but transported without a separate wavelength
• SONET/SDH PM and RMON for Ethernet
• Standard SFP, XFP support
• Line side 1+1 redundancy
• Inverse muxing at 10G for extended distances on older fiber plant
• Legacy DWDM system migration, aggregation of multiple protocols into a single legacy system wavelength or service protecting your investment


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