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xWDM solution for high data access requirement through long distance optical network


xWDM , consist of CWDM and DWDM, is the Solution for high speed data access through long distance network, mainly through fiber optic. It gives various data access from 10 Gigabit Ethernet up to 400 Gbps per channel.

  • Passive CWDM Solution

This solution provide CWDM passive Mux/Demux and Add/Drop device. Optical signals with CWDM channel wavelength can be multiplexed into a fiber to transfer by the product, and the products can realize demultiplexing as reversibility of CWDM components.

Line and fiber resource can be saved and optical cables don’t need to be laid again and also to save cost. The products have many advantages, such as plug and play, small size, easy installation, low insertion loss, high isolation

  • Active DWDM Solution


DWDM programmable and open optical networks satisfy the economy’s insatiable appetite for bandwidth while providing network operators with future-proof solutions tailored to their individual business needs.

Built for flexibility, we provides both high-performance links to 1.2T, filling up fiber channels to their theoretical limits, as well as 400G ZR+ power-cost optimized links for pay-as-you-grow networks. SDN-controlled ROADM and OTN switching modules provide unlimited configurations to route links and the services they carry dynamically from the access to the core.

Above all , our DWDM is easy to deploy and to manage, and open control interfaces enable us to participate in disaggregated, multivendor environments.



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